A diary of the world, through my eyes

This site still is a work in progress, but feel free to browse around!

My work is about connection, moments, a feeling. It’s a story. You could see it as my inner world. My dreams, my questions, my horrors, my fascinations, and my friends. It evokes thoughts, questions, and holds a bit of mystery and abstract madness.

My inspirations are the world around me, connection, people, a new, or rather old, way of living. It’s about the flow state, the feeling of the moment.

In my paintings, I translate this in such a way that you’ll see a lot of vagueness and detail in certain parts.

I like to take one small part or person from a crowd, one moment out of many, and zoom in on that. The rest is for your own imagination.
I love to capture moments. Moments in time, moments in space. It’s in the end, all about the people. Humans, human interaction, human joy, connection. But also human life. The living. Or whatever that might be.

  • Jairo, 2021 50x70 cm, Oil on MDF